What is the Vertical Veg Club?

The Vertical Veg Club it is a online community of container growers, united by our enthusiasm for growing food in small urban spaces. For a modest monthly membership fee members can:

  • Watch videos packed with growing tips from professional growers, nutritionists, organic specialists and more. All videos are tailored to the interests of growing in containers.
  • Join regular live online sessions with experts from around the world. See below for examples.
  • A global seed swap in November each year - sharing seeds of the best container crops.
  • A vibrant, members only Facebook Group - share tips, ask questions - and draw on the knowledge of container growers from around the world.
Darja Fiser

The recordings are amazing, very educational and a lot of fun too.The Club connects container growers from all over the world, so that we can all learn from each other.

Darja Fiser , Assistant Professor, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Why a Club for Container Growers?

"I started the Vertical Veg Club so that container growers living in different cities and in different parts of the world can learn from each other, sharing stories, experiences and tips. I also wanted to make expert experience and knowledge from the worlds of horticulture, nutrition, permaculture, and other relevant skills available to container growers living in the city. So you can now learn how to grow chillies from a professional chilli grower, how to make wooden containers from a professional carpenter, how to feed your crops from a soil expert and much more."

Mark Ridsdill Smith, Founder

How to join

    The Club is currently FULL

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    First two weeks are FREE! I'll email you a reminder 72hours before you first payment - your can cancel and pay nothing if you decide its not for you.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the non-plastic, human, kind approach in Vertical Veg. It stands out amidst a sea of rather corporate web-based membership clubs.

    Kirsten Downer
    Surrey Docks Farm, London, UK

    How else is the club different?

    As well as focusing on the needs and interests of container growers, the club is different from many other gardening clubs and magazines because:

    • The club is passionate about the wider benefits of growing in containers, too - like how it can help you meet neighbours, attract and enjoy wildlife, maximise the nutritional benefit and flavour of what you grow.
    • The focus is on organic growing, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Many of us love recycling, too.

    I’m a complete novice so the idea of saving seeds seemed beyond me. However, the video on why its important to save seeds has made me realize that it’s not only possible to do in a small space but that its actually an important part of the growing process. I can’t believe that I actually thought that seeds for growing only came in packets!

    Suzanne Page
    Charity Manager, London, UK

    How to join

      The Club is currently FULL

      To be notified when it re-opens, please enter your email here.

      The Archive

      Here is a taster of some of the videos you'll get as soon as you join the club

      • How to save seeds

        Learn why you should save seeds, and get step-by-step instructions on how to save tomato, bean, pea, lettuce, and chilli seeds. With Peter Brinch of Open Pollinated Seeds.

      • Design principles

        Ten principles to help you design a productive container garden – with permaculture tutor,  Hedvig Murray.

      • Low cost container growing

        Tips on how to create and maintain a container garden for almost nothing – with food writer, Tom Moggach.

      • Shoots and sprouts

        Shoots and sprouts are a brilliant crop in small spaces. Find out about the diverse range you can grow and how.

      • Containers and community

        Discover how food growing – even in tiny spaces – is bringing neighbourhoods together with Darja Fiser and Naomi Schillinger, author of Veg Street.

      • Fruit in containers

        What fruits grow well in containers? Find out how to grow them successfully with Niels Caulfield of Edible Cities.

      • Compost and growing mixes

        Your growing mix makes more difference than anything else. Learn about what makes a good growing mix and how to sustain it for many years with Ben Raskin of the Soil Association and Jack Astbury of Food from the Sky.

      • Herb in containers

        With Lorraine Melton, Head Grower at Herbal Haven. Find out the secrets of growing herbs in containers from a professional. 

      • Attract and support wildlife in the city

        How to attract and support beneficial insects and other precious wildlife in a tiny container garden, with award winning author, Kate Bradbury.

      • Tomatoes

        Expert tomato grower Nick Chenhall, tells you everything you need to know to grow a bumper crop of fine tasting tomatoes. The ultimate container crop?

      Q & A's

      Some commonly asked questions

      How long do I need to join for? +

      There is no minimum length of membership, you can cancel at any time.

      How much experience do I need? +

      There is no minimum level of experience. Whatever level of growing you are at – novice to advanced – you are welcome as one of the primary aims is to share experience between us. That said, the club is not a growing course. If you are a complete beginner I highly recommend you do a foundation course in food growing, like Vertical Veg’s Art of Growing in Small Spaces.

      Is it suitable for any climate in the world? +

      The club  has members from Brasil, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, the US as well as the UK, Denmark and Portugal. Most of the themes will have relevance wherever you are. Please note that planting dates will vary from country to country – and the club’s themes will be timed to fit with seasons in the Northern hemisphere. Where ever you are growing, you are very welcome.

      How to join

        The Club is currently FULL

        To be notified when it re-opens, please enter your email here.